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Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS 2009)

The First International Kyma Symposium was held 8-10 October 2009 in the vibrant Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona during the annual LEM festival. The program included master classes presented by the creators of Kyma, papers and demos presented by Kyma practitioners, and a program of concerts, live improvised silent film scores, and culminating with Saturday night/Sunday morning dancing at the Moog to Cristian Vogel's live Kyma set.

Special thanks to Cristian Vogel for organizing the symposium!


18:00 Meet & Greet featuring DJ Pacarana (Cristian Vogel and the International Kyma Community)
21:00 Dinner at nearby restaurants (no host)
11:00 TALKS  
11:00 Carla Scaletti Recombinance Makes Us Human
11:30 Carla Scaletti & Kurt Hebel A Brief History of Kyma plus Demo of Recently Added Features
14:00 Lunch @ Bharma
16:00 Hector Bravo-Benard Using the AC Toolbox with Kyma
17:45 Coffee
18:00 Cristian Vogel The Black Swan: Composing with Kyma for Dance
19:00 Eckard Vossas Improvising with Kyma: Miniaturen X, Cecil Variations B, Lehnade 2
19:45 Break for concert setup
20:00 CONCERT  
Franz Danksagmüller Körkarlen (The Phantom Carriage): Silent film with live Kyma and soprano, Berit Barfred Jensen
22:00 Tear down, dinner at nearby restaurants (no host)
11:00 TALKS  
11:00 Carla Scaletti & Kurt Hebel Composing with Kyma
14:00 Lunch @ Bharma
16:00 Bruno Liberda TRANSFORMATIONS: Addicted to Kyma
17:00 Cristian Vogel Kyma in the Club: The Never Engine
18:00 Break (Setup and sound checks for concert)
19:00 CONCERT  
Carla Scaletti SlipStick for Continuum and Kyma (~10')
Marin Vrbica Tiger in the Jungle: Video + Live Performer (~10')
Hector Bravo-Benard Styrotron: Live Kyma performance (~10')
Franz Danksagmüller The Metropolis Organ: Video + Selected Scenes from the film with Live Kyma accompaniment (~40')
21:00 Tear down
22:00 Celebratory Dinner together (no host)
01:30 Cristian Vogel Never Engine (Live Kyma!), The Moog, Arc del teatre 3 (Las Ramblas)
Informal breakfast and lunch, consulting, meetings, demos, sightseeing, travel day


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