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If you plan to alternate between using the MOTU as your computer's audio I/O and using it as the Paca(rana) I/O, please see these instructions NB: Only one computer (either your host computer or the Pacarana computer) can talk to the MOTU at any one time.

ALERT! To use your MOTU exclusively with the Paca(rana), please do not install the MOTU driver and other MOTU software. If you have already installed the driver, remove the software using the uninstall option in the MOTU installer.

ALERT! The Paca(rana) works with MOTU Hybrid interfaces via FireWire only, not USB.

Reset the settings

Before using the MOTU interface with the Paca(rana), it is necessary to reset the interface's settings.

  1. Press the Ultralite VOL button momentarily to power up the interface.
  2. Wait for it to go through its power up sequence; at this point it should show Meter on the display.
  3. Press PARAM three times; it should momentarily show ULm3 SETUP and then LCD Contrast.
  4. Rotate PARAM clockwise until the display reads Factory Defaults Push [VALUE].
  5. Press the VALUE button. It will display Are you sure? [VALUE].
  6. Press VALUE once again.
  7. The Ultralite will display Initializing... and then return to the Meter display.

Configure the Internal Mixer and Effects

The MOTU interface includes a built-in mixer and audio effects that can be controlled via its front panel interface. Advanced users may want to experiment with these settings to take advantage of the mixer and effects.

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