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glitchbucketdelayline.kym: CristianVogel - 31 Mar 2009 a glitchy buffer sharing delay line idea CristianVogel - 11 Mar 2009 Blue Stereo Delay Update as class with PNG, added Dry parameter - you need Bens Wavetables for the excellent ahcomp wav (Moved from Other)

SwitchingDelay.kym: 3 parallel delays with crossfeeding and excessive numbers of controls. CPU intensive - probably best for Paca(rana). Discussion

delays.kym by BenPhenix: delay examples Discussion

spectraldelaystereo2.kym: by CarlaScaletti: Different delays on each spectral band w/ modulation on Level, Delay, Fdbk parameters. Discussion

blue_delay.kym: by BenPhenix: Blue Delay Discussion

SweptLandQuad.kym: by JesusGestoso: Eight moddelays with quad "visual" positioning. Discussion

SweptLand.kym: by JesusGestoso: eight modulated delays. Discussion

crossfilterAsDelay.kym by MatteoMilani: Weird vocal liquid effects, CrossFilter. Discussion

tapdelay.kym: Tap Delay Discussion

Echoeswithaccentsonbeats.kym: by CarlaScaletti: Delays at the tempo with adjustable accents & pitch-shift. Discussion Originally in 'Other'

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