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Examples how to build Wavetable Oscillators. Of the three main ways to do it Kyma - sample player, waveshaper, or multisample - these examples are of the sample player variety.

~ oscillator examples and wavetables from PPG, K3m, OSCar, Minimoog, Prophet5, Jupiter8, Sh-101, Serge, Serge, SH-101, and A100 synths.

New versions uploaded. Fixed the buffering problem so that you can use multiple oscillators in a sound as well as in polyponic versions without conflict. If you are using multiple of any of these oscillators in a single sound, assign the 'AntiAliasBuffer' differing filenames. Also added frequency modulation parameters (the modulation source will always show regardless whether modulation is on or not - can't not fix this with existing class-builder tools.)

-- BenPhenix - 18 Jun 2004

Updated to fix an issue introduced by a new version of kyma that broke the internal memorywriter function.

-- BenPhenix - 17 Nov 2008

There was some bug reporting discussion which can be found here: Discussion

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