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An example how to build Wavetable Oscillators. Of the three main ways to do it Kyma - sample player, waveshaper, or multisample - these examples are of the sample player variety.

Included with the example are:

~ oscillator examples and wavetables from PPG, K3m, OSCar, Minimoog, Prophet5, Jupiter8, Sh-101, Serge, and A100 synths.

~ Pete's expanded Subiton oscillator that provides anti-aliasing

~ Collapsed Classes for each set of the above wavetables oscillators (except Sh-101 and Serge).

-- BenPhenix - 23 May 2004

Very nice useful stuff. However, I can't paralel, for ex 2 minimoog, and scroll trough the waveform with !Wave and !Wave2. Only one controler is working. Any clue?

-- KarlMousseau - 25 May 2004

Odd. Are saying that when you have two osc going it a sound, only one controller works? Does that controller scan both wavetables or just one of the OSC wavetables? I didn't test that, but will tonight. Is that only in the collapsed sounds or any the expanded versions as well?

My next project is to create some nice pre-built multiwave LFOs and modules. I've come to find that Kyma has a lot of real level stuff and a fair amount of fully built stuff, but there is a room to flesh out the middle ground. Useful modules that are collapsed collections of commonly built sounds. Toolkit stuff that hopefully speeds the building of more complex sounds.

-- BenPhenix - 25 May 2004

Here's what I tried: I added an ADSR/sus to control minimoog(collapsed) Enveloppe and added a VCF filter after. I did the same thing on another branch. Both osc are combined in a mixer. I added a MidiVoice after the mixer. Each Moog has its own controller i.e. !Wave1 and !Wave2. Only !Wave1 is working.

-- KarlMousseau - 25 May 2004

I think I know what the problem is. The notSine (the memory writer used within the anti-alias filter) is the same for both sounds. I'll need to rebuild all the collapsed files to prevent that. Will try to get that done shortly.

-- BenPhenix - 26 May 2004

After discussing some of the finer points of new Class building with Carla and Kurt this evening, I have some additions I want to make to the wavetable sounds. Mostly adding the frequency modulation controls as well as fixing the memory writer issue that caused the above problem. At any rate, I leave tomorrow on travel for a week so I won't be updating the above sounds until after then.

The collapsed version work fine as long as their is only one of them being used. If you want to use multiple versions of any of the oscillator in a sound, use the un-collapsed versions and re-name the "notSine" memory writer and oscillator files unique names.

-- BenPhenix - 27 May 2004

Hi Ben . Also note that the wavetable nameing also has a problem when it is used in poly mode as all the poly notes can end up getting the same wave table name. Thats why I posted the poly version of your P5 as it had a get round. Maybe you have already accounted for this in your new sound.

-- PeteJohnston - 27 May 2004

Yes, that is on the list to add as well.

Thank you, Pete, I've learned greatly from your input in the past and these sounds owe a lot to your contributions.

-- BenPhenix - 27 May 2004

Please report any more troubles here.

-- BenPhenix - 18 Jun 2004

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