Morphing & Cross-Synthesis

You can also use Kyma to do crossfading in the frequency domain or to impose the resonant characteristics of one sample onto another.

In GenderBender (136 k), a man morphs into a woman and acquires an American accent in the process. (Thanks to Lloyd Billing and Pete Johnston for coming up with the idea for this one at the 1995 AES show in New York.)

In this example, Kyma was used to model some sampled speech as a time-varying filter. TalkingDrums (204 k) is the result of feeding a drum sample through the speech filter.

Here is the same technique applied to two samples from Thomas Tibert's Methods of Mayhem sampling CD produced by Sounds Good AB. First you hear a guitar, then some feedback crossfaded with flames talking about BadGirls (170 k)

In Counting Crows (77 k), a combination of pitch-shifting, crossfading, and cross-synthesis is used to morph from a man to a crow.

In this example, from the Muppets' Dr. Seuss, sound designer Francois Blaignan crossed a rock slide with the sound of a man snoring to create the sound made by a sleeping statue (136 k).