Screens and Sounds

Here's an infinitesimally small taste of the "look and sound" of Kyma. If you would prefer to hear a longer audio demo on CD, contact Symbolic Sound and ask for the free demo CD. (Please include your mailing address!).

N.B. The online sounds are stored in the 8-bit 8 khz Sun .au format. Most WWW browsers support the playback of this format either directly or through helper applications, such as SoundMachine for the Macintosh.

Note that this data compression scheme (au) is not exactly what you'd call "high fidelity". But it does reduce a sound file to about a tenth of its original size, so you will thank us for it once you start downloading the sounds off the network.

The built-in speakers on most computers are probably the weakest links in this whole chain, so if you can manage to run the audio output of your computer through an audio amplifier and speakers, that will greatly improve your "listening experience" (not only for these examples but for all the other sounds you play on your computer).