The Software is the Synthesizer...

...and the effects processor, and the sampler, and the hard disk recorder, and...

The Capybara is a black box — a completely general sound computation engine.

Capybara specifications

Using the visual language Kyma (running on a Mac OS or Windows computer), you can program the Capybara to do real-time sound synthesis, sampling, processing, and disk recording/playback.

The idea of Kyma is this: Instead of having a multitude of special-purpose sound generating and processing boxes, why not just have one, general-purpose sound computation engine that you can reprogram to do whatever you like whenever you need it? In other words, the software is the synthesizer (or effects processor, or sampler, or disk recorder, or any combination thereof). And the Capybara is (literally) just a black box, a wickedly fast multiprocessor DSP dedicated to the real-time rendering of the audio signals that you describe graphically on your Macintosh or Windows machine.

Kyma is used by sound designers (for music, film, video, advertising, computer games and other immersive environments), speech and hearing researchers, composers, performers, computer musicians, educators, and others who need to design new sounds and who require a fine degree of real-time control over their sounds.

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