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Installation: 08 -09 May 2009 -- 20:00
Presented by: RobertJarvis
Public: £5
Chimney Meadows Nature Reserve Bampton Oxfordshire, UK OX18 2EH
(near) Oxford -- UK

For two special evenings this May, sound artist Robert Jarvis will take over Chimney Meadows nature reserve, in Oxfordshire, and turn it into a night-time sonic experience.

The event is presented in collaboration with Oxford Contemporary Music and the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust and builds on one of the most popular installations at last September's 'Magic Hour' at Oxford Botanic Garden.

As well as sound works inspired by the nocturnal wildlife at the Reserve there will also be activities, such as moth trapping, arranged by the Reserve itself, creating a complete experience for all those who attend.

The highlight of the evening will be the latest version of Robert's Echolocation sound installation. As the Bats come out to search for food and feed along the Reserve's canal they will emit their radar sounds. Using a series of strategically placed bat detectors, Robert's installation transforms these signals into an evocative surround sound musical experience as night falls.

Come and enjoy this extraordinary musical experience celebrating this often unheard wonder of nature.

Please note: The event will involve some walking around the nature reserve on easy tracks, with the installation taking place 2km (30 minutes on foot) from the car park, alongside the River Thames. Please wear clothes and footwear suitable for a countryside walk and possible wet weather. Bring a torch! The site is wheelchair accessible.

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