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Motor Sports Weekly on FSN
Television: 15 May 1998
By: MichaelRadentz


St. Louis based composer and sound designer Mike Radentz used Kyma on the music for Fortune Entertainment's Motor Sports Weekly, a half hour TV news magazine on racing that debuted on the Fox Sports Midwest network last summer. Radentz used the morphing capabilities of Kyma "to create a kind of guitar dive bomb, air ratchet, engine rev, pig squeal, car by, woman screaming kind of thing for the main theme and then used that effect throughout the package." He also used Kyma "to do some tempo based Doppler effects and distortion waveshaping of sound effects."

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Radentz was commissioned to compose and produce the entire music package for the show, including high energy bumpers, opening and closing themes, and background themes for the different show segments. According to Radentz, "We wanted to capture a sense of being in a major auto race, the people, the emotions and excitement, the decidedly human feel of the event, not just the mechanical. The main theme is fast paced, with a sequencer driven bass line, heavy metal style guitar and rhythmic sound effects. It's kind of like Metallica meets The Chemical Brothers meets Alanis Morriset."

If you can get the Fox Sports Net midwest cable channel, you can listen to Mike's work. Motor Sports Weekly airs on your regional Fox Sports Net affiliate every Wednesday at 3-4 pm [local time] and then rebroadcast on those same stations on Friday at 11 am [local time]. Plus, there are additional FSN airings on the weekend—check your local listings. MSW is also seen on selected Fox broadcast stations nationwide every weekend.

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