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Vision Quest
Album: 29 Jan 2003
By: CliffWhite


Cliff White used the mastering Sound posted to the Kyma Forum by David McClain as part of the mastering process on Deovolente's latest CD, Vision Quest. Powerful and uncompromising in their lyrics, Deovolente's musical style could be described as a form of heavy metal, progressive rock, experimental electronic, new wave alternative rock.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Kyma can be heard in the vocal effects for Twilight, in the "devil dog" middle section of Goodwilling, and as the underlying basis for Hanged Man. In Looking, you can hear Kyma coming in over the last part of the song and floating above it. In Metamorphosis, after the drums, bass, and guitar come in, there's a depth charge and a morphing into the water sound followed by another Kyma Sound dubbed "the parasite sound" by one of Cliff's colleagues and Kyma vocoding on one of the voices towards the end. Cliff recommends listening to the "parasite sound" over headphones, saying "it causes you to open your jaw real wide like you are clearing your ears." The last two songs, Circles and Providential, use the Kyma Sound called Watery Vox for vocal effects. Other electronic sounds on the album were generated using Propellerhead's Reason softsynth and guitar tracks with feedback.

Cliff has also been using Kyma in Deovolente's live performances, controlling it from an electronic bass drum (tempo calculations for amp mod), and a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI foot pedal controller for triggering samples and sounds for switching between songs in his compiled sound grid. The band is doing a lot of playing in the Austin, Texas area. Check out their calendar at the web site.

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