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Extraordinary Expeditions in Vienna
Website: 13 Jul 2005
By: BrunoLiberda


Have you ever yearned to go on a journey? Something completely out of the ordinary? Do sound and music play an important role in your life? Do you have three days time, a large curiosity and the courage to experience the unusual?

Make the fearless step into another medium where the sum total of your activities will be to COMPOSE (in ancient Chinese, this word is roughly translated "more time for one's self").

THE EYE LEADS HUMANS INTO THE WORLD, THE EAR LEADS THE WORLD INTO HUMANS. Composers are experts at evaluating, judging, shaping proportion with respect to the future, and knowing how to strategically select or reject—in short, THE COMPOSER CREATES FORM THROUGH DECISIONS!

Take a three day expedition into the world of sound with a composer as your tour guide. Enter the composition workshop of Bruno Liberda. For more information, see his website!

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Composer Bruno Liberda has successfully launched the Ton aus Strom project: an intensive three day composition seminar for those who are intensively interested in composition but have no traditional music training. Each of the participants created a new piece of music and took home a recording of it on a new IPod. This is also an ideal workshop for composers exploring new approaches to teaching composition and for anyone who'd like to look over the shoulder of a Kyma expert at work for a few days of intensive work. For more details, see the Ton aus Strom website.

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