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Unidentified Sound Object
Album: 14 Jun 2006
By: MatteoMilani and FedericoPlacidi
$16.00 (cd)/ €9.99 (mp3)/ €11.24 (flac)

Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi have released USO (Unidentified Sound Object), an exuberant journey through spaces (literal and abstract) populated by elementary particles organizing themselves into increasingly complex structures. The sound quality is superb and it's obvious that Placidi and Milani share a genuine love for sound exploration. Listen on your DVD player or with VLC media player for the 4-channel surround sound experience! You can hear an excerpt on U.S.O. Project, and order the DTS Music Disc from CDeMUSIC or Music Zeit Download Platform (formats: mp3/flac).

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

U.S.O. project develops through exploration of elementary particles arranged and organized in clouds of discrete and punctiform events, until they compose structures of extensive polymorphic and spatial complexity.

Starting from a definition in terms of primitive, as an object which describes a pure mathematic condition, the explorative course renders the following steps in sensitive and organic shapes, until arranging more complex levels of definition and meso-structural interaction.

Sound spaces surface from coalescence and dispersive evaporation, thus describing phenomena and entities of different sizes and inner complexities.

The Aural Streaming of the Performance defines a bi-directional vector where space and time become elastic variables subjected to generative and structural contingencies of every single Event, where every phenomenon re-arranges itself through a form of algorithmic interdependence ab originem.

“By exploring U.S.O, listeners will have the chance to submerge themselves in a real-time generative course, where the contingency of the experience will dynamically vary from infinitesimal to immense.

Travelling through the reference Vector, they will observe both simple and complex phenomena, which consequently define wider portions of known and unknown perceptible universe.

U.S.O. is undergoing a continuous evolution.”

U.S.O. Project - Prelude Of Noises

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