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Irrational BioShock
Game: 21 Aug 2007
By: KemalAmarasingham


Kemal Amarasingham, creative director at dSonic, used Kyma to generate ambient sounds and process voices for Irrational Games (now 2k Boston), new title: BioShock. dSonic was responsible for all the voice processing on the audio logs, radios, PA announcements, TVs etc., as well creating the sound effects for the plasmid weapons and ambient sounds for 5 of the levels in the game.

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Here's a sampling of some of the reviews the game has been getting:

Top-notch voice acting, spectacular ambient effects, and overall some of the best sound design ever built into a game.

To really appreciate the sound in this game, and not necessarily the frenzy of combat, but merely the ambience of Rapture, just stop moving your character when he's alone. Now crank the speakers, or headphones. You start to hear the metallic clanks, the otherworldy breaths of wind, piping up at various distances away, impressing upon you the notion that this world doesn't stop at the walls around you. No matter where you are, there's always the water, a trickling undercurrent of audio, reminding you of your precarious position within this crumbling city being crushed on all sides by an indifferent ocean. (http://www.ign.com)

brilliant sound design; inescapable atmosphere

BioShock's audio puts other games to shame. The sound design in BioShock is fantastic and it probably doesn't hurt that Rapture is at the bottom of the ocean and therefore susceptible to an incredible variety of creaks and groans that scream of metal fatigue and the immeasurable pressures of the deep. (http://www.gamespy.com)

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