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Threshold & A Bell Above the Clouds
Album: 04 Jul 2010
By: RichardLainhart

Contact Richard Lainhart at (rlainhart [at] otownmedia [dot] com).

Ex Ovo, "Music For Minimal Matters," will be releasing Richard Lainhart's first collection of music for the label later this year. In the meantime, though, Ex Ovo has produced a special limited-edition release to coincide with his performance at Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst. The Schiphorst edition contains two tracks from the up-coming release, along with two other exclusive tracks, never heard before. Frans de Waard of Vital Weekly has this to say about it: "Lainhart is a master of drone music from the end of modern classical music. Playing a Steinway grand piano with nine e-bows, or the Kyma System on the electric guitar... Lainhart works extensively with the overtones generated by these 'simple' actions..." The new release contains two guitar/Kyma tracks: "A Bell Above The Clouds" and "Threshold."

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

This release is already sold out, but Ex Ovo has also made it available in a pay-what-you-like digital download version on Bandcamp, and has included an additional exclusive remix track by Mirko Uhlig.

An excerpt of Lainhart's Kyma/guitar piece "Threshold" (commissioned in 2008 by Joel Chadabe's Ear To The Earth), for electric guitar and New York field recordings processed with Kyma, was included in Edition #291 of framework, a radio broadcast and podcast project from http://www.murmerings.com. The Framework:Afield show presents Urban Archeology, the sonic strata of cities. For more information see http://www.worldlisteningproject.org." For a list of tracks and contributors, go here: http://www.murmerings.com/radio/playlists/ (scroll down to #291: 2010.07.04) To download the podcast directly visit: http://www.archive.org/download/2010.07.04FrameworkRadio/Framework_July_4th_2010.mp3

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