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Does anyone know of a tool (or ideally, a way to do it in Kyma) that can search an .aiff for zero crossings and then build wavetables out each cycle, hopefully with the option to interpolate the cycles out to a fixed sample size?

-- BenPhenix - 25 Nov 2003


Most used software for this task is Recycle from http://www.propellerheads.se/

-- DavidKiers - 26 Nov 2003

Thanks. I haven't played with that in years, but seem to remember it be more for beats in a loop than for potentially hundreds of little waveforms. Logic Audio and Intakt also have similar tools but neither work well for what I wanted. It is not overwhelming to do it by hand.

-- BenPhenix - 26 Nov 2003

In Pete's DSP modules ,the gate to trigger module will output a single sample wide pulse every time the input moves from minus to plus. The points can then be stored in ram by using the step writer module. If the pulse triggers the up down counter which is used as the index of the step writer and the pulse is also used as the read input to the writer and the input to the writer is a long ramp. You then have stored points that can be used later (with the aid if a waveshaper to read the points) to control another waveshapers to play the samples in a controlled way. This is probably a lot of work to make it happen but it should be possible.

-- PeteJohnston - 26 Nov 2003

Question: How do I automatically find zero crossings and build separate wavetables from the cycles?
Keywords: zero crossing, wavetable

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