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I want to use a single Oscillator to control both pitch and filter cutoff frequency. I want the cutoff value to rise when pitch go down. I want to use a SINGLE LFO and would prefer to avoid Sound To Global Controller. Would like to do everything in sound editor NOT in VCS.

-- KarlMousseau - 23 Oct 2003


In the Cutoff field, paste in the control oscillator and combine it with the base frequency using subtraction. For example,

!KeyPitch - (12 nn * [LFO] L)

In the filter's input Sound, paste in the control and combine it using addition. For example,

!KeyPitch + (12 nn * [LFO] L)

In the VCF Sound, you drag the LFO into the Modulation field. To invert the phase of the modulator, run the LFO through an Attenuator and set the Left and Right parameters to -1.

Osc Range

From my understanding an Osc output range is from -1 to 1. If I set 2 oscillators frequency to:

1st osc 220 hz + (12 nn * [LFO] L)

2nd osc 220 hz - (12 nn * [LFO] L)

1st osc frequency goes only higher than 220 hz and 2nd osc lower than 220 hz.

-What did I miss? 220 hz - (-1) should give a value higher than 220 hz...

-- KarlMousseau - 23 Oct 2003

When the output of the LFO is at its maximum (+1), then the first oscillator's frequency will be 220 hz nn + 12 nn (one octave above 220 hz, or 440 hz), and the second oscillator's frequency will be 220 hz nn - 12 nn (one octave below 220 hz, or 110 hz). When the output of the LFO is at its minimum (-1), then the two oscillators frequencies will be reversed. This means that the two oscillator's frequencies will always be moving in opposing directions.

Note that you should convert the frequency in hertz into a pitch in note numbers in order for the octave relationship to hold. (Otherwise, Kyma will do the calculation in hertz, which will be nowhere near an octave frequency change.)

-- KurtHebel - 23 Oct 2003

Working as expected. I'm still a newbie, I didn't convert hz to nn!


-- KarlMousseau - 23 Oct 2003

Question: How do I control two parameters with same LFO?
Keywords: modulation, LFO, pasting Sounds into parameter fields, filter cutoff

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