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How can I scale a SoundToGlobalController?? I tried with a product, a gain etc..

I used "scale & offset" module to scale "audio becomes a continuous controller" but 2 seems to be the maximum working value. I don't want an offset, I want the generated event to outputs the full 0 to 1 range. As an exmple, if an amp follower is the input of the sound to global controller, I want it to output midi volume from 0 to 127 (i.e. from 0 to 1).

-- KarlMousseau - 04 Feb 2004


Hi Karl

Yes ScaleAndOffset is limited to 2, Product is limited to 1, but if you use ScaleAndOffset_ and Gain together you can increase the range.

But these modules all make use of sample rate maths. As you will be end up sending the signal to a global controller (1 khz rate), you don't need these expensive sample rate modules. You can paste the signal into a _Constant module and simply use + and * in a formula (with no range problems) to get the same thing.

By the way "multiply with gain" in pete's modules allows you to change the range of the product and maintain max resolution. Info of how to use it is in the Divide module's description, but these are at sample rate and I don't think it is of much use to you here.

-- PeteJohnston - 04 Feb 2004

The easiest way to scale the value is right in the SoundToGlobalController module. The SoundToGlobalController takes the expression in the Value field and sends it as a global controller with the name given in GeneratedEvent.

Right now, you have pasted an AmplitudeFollower into the Value field. If you change the Value field to [AmplitudeFollower] L * 100, you have scaled the output by 100. (You could use a fader as the scale: [AmplitudeFollower] L * !Fader, and use the VCS editor to change the range of the fader to be larger than 0 to 1.)

-- KurtHebel - 04 Feb 2004

I find both solutions valuable. While working in the value field of SoundToGlobalController is the easiest way, using Constant allows to feed multiple inputs.

-- KarlMousseau - 04 Feb 2004

I like using a seperate Constant module because it alows me to scope at different points while testing, but it does give an extra 1 ms delay to the signal compared to using the SoundToGlobalController field method.

-- PeteJohnston - 05 Feb 2004

Hi Pete, that's this kind of delay (in this case it's only a controller delay) that I would like to see automatically monitored by Kyma, a kind of LatencyMeter.

-- KarlMousseau - 05 Feb 2004

Hi Karl This delay is only for pasted modules that can only ever be controller signals. It has nothing to do with audio signals.

-- PeteJohnston - 06 Feb 2004

Question: How can I scale a SoundToGlobalController?
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