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How can I best share the MotorMix? with Kyma and another application?

I have just started using this control surface and I am trying to use it as flexibly as possible on a workstation where not all users are familliar with Kyma.

I would like to have it set up so I can use Kyma by itself or along side of an additional audio/MIDI/editor/sequencer such as Logic or ProTools? so I can record the automation. I would like to eliminate the need to open an application simply to allow MIDI routing from the MotorMix? to the Capybara through my computer's MIDI interface. I would like to still use the MotorMix? as a control surface for an additional application (although not necessarilly at the same time as using it to control Kyma). I would like to avoid buying stand-alone MIDI splitters and mergers (although I suppose I will if I have to....)


I am thinking that I would have to connect the MotorMix?'s MIDI out directly in to the Capybara's MIDI in and then use the Capy's MIDI through somehow... (Does this port always pass MIDI through or does that depend on the sound you have loaded? Will this work without launching Kyma [with the Capy still on of course]?) The way back presents more of a problem and I can't see any way around buying a merger to allow a MIDI signal to go in to to the MotorMix? from both the output from the computer's MIDI interface and the Capybara.

Now that I'm getting this all down in writing, I'm also starting to realize that I would need an additional merger just to allow MIDI note control to be mixed in with the messages from the MotorMix?... These too would pass on to the sequencer, but suppose I wanted these messages to be generated by the sequencer... These would end up being echoed back in to the sequencer if I am using the Capybara's MIDI Through port in the manner described above.

I think I have determined that I need: - a splitter (to split the MotorMix?'s output to the Capybara and to the interface) - a merger for the Capybara's MIDI In (from the MotorMix? and the MIDI interface) - a merger for the MotorMix?'s MIDI in (from the Capybara and from the MIDI interface)

It's all a little confusing... Any additional suggestions or information about the MIDI through on the Capybara would be appreciated

-- LowellPickett - 26 Jun 2006

If you got a small 2x2 MIDI Merge box, you could connect MIDI out from Motor Mix and Keyboard to the MIDI inputs. Then you could route one of the outputs to the Capybara and the other to your other equipment. There is a MIDIMan 2x2 merge that is very inexpensive. Would that do the trick for you?

-- CarlaScaletti - 27 Jun 2006

Thanks Carla. That sounds like the ticket...

...but would I need at least 1 more to link the Capybara and the audio editor/sequencer back in to the MotorMix? (so we can still have the motorized faders respond)?

-- LowellPickett - 27 Jun 2006

Yes you're right—you would have to merge the MIDI going to the MotorMix as well. So two 2X2s would probably be the best solution.

-- CarlaScaletti - 28 Jun 2006

I resurrected my old MIDI Timepiece (MTPAV) of the non-USB type, for just this purpose. Works great as a stand-alone patchbay/router. 8 ins and 8 outs freely patchable and selectable by presets by a knob on the front panel. I have a preset that's Motormix to ProTools? and another that's Motormix to Kyma. It's also a piece of cake to add other controllers. You can find these cheaply now that USB has taken over. There are several other good, but older patchbays available too.

-- RandallThomas - 28 Jun 2006

Question: How can I share a MotorMix? with Kyma and another application?
Keywords: MotorMix? capybara MIDI through

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