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.I have a model that has 4 parallel filter pathes using the same sample as the source (but four instances of that sample player). The gate feild of each sample source looks like this ((((1 bpm: !BPM * 4)) countTriggersMod: 4) of: # (1 2 3 4)) eq: 3 , with different modulo for each path. When BPM values exceed 1400 the sound stops playing (sounding). Why kyma behaves this way is not clear but I am speculating that it is due to the rate as the complexity of the sound is 10%. The order of each path is important and thus using a sample cloud doesn't seem conducive. The reason the !bpm is multiplied by four is the limit of 2000 triggers was not enough reps for the effect I am want to reproduce. To restate. What I need is to be able to retrigger the same sample at a high rate with each trigger being processed in pathes in order one through four (being able to increase this to eight pathes would be ideal).

-- RafeMcDonald - 31 May 2005


Hi Rafe

I asume that you know that all hot parram stuff is limited to midi rate (1KHz) but it doesn't look like this is your problem here, as the BPM formula would only reach ((1400*4)/60) =93.3 Hz. Maybe you could try another method which doesn't get limited to the 1KHz. That is to use one sample player and three delay lines. You could put the sample player into loop mode and by varying the LoopEnd? point while simaltaniously adjusting the three delays you could get the same result. If on the other hand it has to be samples triggered at sample rate Then Pete's DSP modules and the waveshaper combined could do the trick but this is a prossesor hungry method (even with the SSC optimized version) and I would only do it as a last resort. If you need to go down this path let me know and I'll try to tell you ways to do it.

-- PeteJohnston - 01 Jun 2005

Question: How can I retrigger a sample beyond 1500 gates per minute?

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