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I want to control Capy via flame with 2 different computers at the same time. What are the limitaions, ex, do I have to shut Kyma off in one computer to use the second? I want both firewire cable permanently plugged in the flame. Any crash expected?

-- KarlMousseau - 18 Feb 2004


The Kyma FireWire Interface (Flame) can have up to 4 computers connected to it simultaneously, but only one of them can be actively using Kyma.

To do this, connect all of the computers to the Flame via FireWire cables (you will need to use the daisy-chain connections on the computer's FireWire interface if you want to connect more than 2 computers). Then, start Kyma on whichever computer you want to use. If no other computer is running Kyma, everything will work the same as when only one computer is connected.

If Kyma is already running on a different computer, you will see that the older session of Kyma will indicate that the Capybara has timed out and that the newer session will initialize twice. As long as you do not reload the Capybara in the first session of Kyma (by clicking the Reload button or by choosing Initialize DSP from the DSP menu), the second session will work as you expect. (You can switch which session of Kyma has control by choosing Initialize DSP from the DSP menu in that session.)

This technique works for the Flame but does not work for your other FireWire devices, particularly hard disks. For other FireWire devices, the computer that first "notices" the device owns it and the other computers are locked out.

-- KurtHebel - 18 Feb 2004

Question: How do I connect more than one computer to a single Capybara using the FireWire? interface?
Keywords: FireWire?, Capybara, multiple computers

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