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Download Kyma FireWire Interface Firmware Updates

PICK NOTE: When you click the link to download the software, you may be asked to provide a name and password. Use the same name and password that you use to log into kyma•tweaky.

April 2007 Firmware Update - 11 April 2007

If you received your Kyma FireWire Interface (aka Flame) prior to April 2007, this new firmware corrects a problem that prevented third party software (such as Osculator, AC Toolbox and David Kier's Max object) from seeing control source remappings in the Virtual Control Surface.

If you received your Kyma FireWire Interface (aka Flame) prior to July 2005, you should update the firmware of your Kyma FireWire Interface. This new firmware corrects a problem that caused the Flame to crash when a Sound with a large number of disk tracks was played in Kyma.

Please read through all of these instructions first before beginning. To upgrade your Flame:

  1. Click here to download the Firmware Update Archive (~2.3 megabytes). Double-clicking on the resulting file will automatically expand the file into a folder containing this update.
  2. Disconnect all FireWire devices except the Kyma FireWire Interface.
  3. Update the firmware:
    • On the Macintosh, open the Kyma Flash Update 070411 folder, double-click the Flame Update application.
    • Under Windows, open the Kyma Flash Update 070411 folder, open the Flame Update.app folder, open the Contents folder, and then open the folder corresponding to the version of Windows your computer is using (e.g. the Windows XP folder if your computer is using Windows XP). Finally, doubleclick the Flame.exe application within that folder.
  4. Sit back and relax as the updater prints things in a transcript while it performs the update. (It should take only a few seconds.)
  5. Check the transcript to see that it says:
Update complete.
Before using Kyma, shut down your computer and remove the power from the Kyma FireWire Interface.
Then power up the Kyma FireWire Interface, start up your computer, and have fun!

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