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I am not able to drag a kyma X.06 window between monitors without severe graphic distortion.

-- JeremyScidmore - 17 Mar 2004

i only experience this problem with kyma . no other program does this... actually the graphic distortion happens while dragging across monitors and sustains distortion when the mouse button is released. my second screen is useless with kyma. I have tried switching monitors as the main monitor but the problem persists. im using one radeon 9600 pci and another rage6 agp i will attach a screen shot to this page.

-- JeremyScidmore - 18 Mar 2004

Carla, I have updated to 10.3.3 and the problem still persists

-- JeremyScidmore - 19 Mar 2004

Carla, unchecking graphic acceleration worked . im going to go search for new drivers.. gracias

-- JeremyScidmore - 19 Mar 2004

ATI currrently has no newer driver updates for the Radeon 9600 pci or the rage6 agp.


When you say severe graphic distortion, what exactly happens? (For example, the window contents on the second monitor are scrambled while dragging, but restore when dropped; or, the contents of both screens become discolored; etc.) Thanks!

-- KurtHebel - 17 Mar 2004

not that this is much help, but i have no problem using 2 monitors, and do not experience this distortion you have. i'm using a mac G4 with a Gforce 4 Titatnium graphics card that has 2 monitor ports, one ADC port drives an apple 17" LCD and the other VGA port drives a sony 15" LCD.

do other programs experience this same distortion when dragging windows between the monitors, or only kyma?

-- TaylorDeupree - 17 Mar 2004

Jeremy, which version of OS X are you using? (10.3.3 is the newest and they said they fixed some OpenGL problems in that version)

-- CarlaScaletti - 18 Mar 2004

Please try the following experiment: go to the Preferences (from the Edit menu), click Miscellaneous, then uncheck Enable graphics acceleration. When you disable graphics acceleration, the OpenGL graphics are handled by the software driver. If switching to the software graphics driver makes the problem go away, please check the websites for your graphic accelerator cards in case they might have updated drivers you could download. Thanks.

-- CarlaScaletti - 18 Mar 2004

Same Issue , screens snapshots I 'd post here would show the same as seen in previous posts related to this issue. As long as Kyma X (latest available build in use) is running on the 'main' screen, it runs fine. Problem arises then if I drag any of the Kyma X windows in the other screens. System used here is a MAC Pro 8 cores nehalem OSX snow Leopard. Screens used are DELL E198FP. This problem is a particular Kyma X problem. As proposed, I changed the preference settings but w/o graphics acceleration, the problem remains.

TopicClassification: Pending
BriefDescription?: Cannot drag windows between multiple monitors without graphic distortion
OperatingSystem: Mac OSX
LapOrDesk?: Desktop
HostProcessor?: PowerPC? G4, Other
ClockSpeedInMHz?: 8 cores Nehalem
RAMInMB?: 1024-2047, 2048+
CapyInterface?: Flame
KymaVersion?: KymaX?
CapybaraVersion?: Capy320
ExpansionCards?: 5
VirtualMemory?: N/A
MonitorSize?: 21
NumberMonitors?: >3
NumberColors?: 32 bit (true color)
OtherHardware?: N/A
OtherSoftware?: N/A

Attachment: Action: Size: Date: Who: Comment:
Picture1.pdf action 315869 18 Mar 2004 - 01:25 JeremyScidmore dual monitor screen shot

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