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in a simple scripted sound, where i call anInstrument 10 times, one dsp gets fully loaded which results in "out of real time", although the 2 other dsp are not loaded at all... so, how can this be resolved?

-- MichaelStrohmann - 06 May 2004


Would it be possible to split the script in 2 five-instrument branches and use a ForcedProcessorAssigment module?

-- KarlMousseau - 06 May 2004

It may be that the 10 copies of the instrument requires more computation power than your Capybara has. Try reducing the number of instruments and see what the DSP Status window shows.

Please keep in mind that the DSP status is not accurate when the Capybara runs out of processing power. The processor that is at the maximum in the DSP Status is the one running out of real time, but all of the other processors measurements are incorrect. This can cause it to look like there is available cycles on some of the processors when in fact there are none.

-- KurtHebel - 06 May 2004

yes it is possible to split the script in 2 five-instrument branches. which on the one hand is a bit unconvenient but on the other shows that the capy has enough power to run in realtime. so the problem lies in scheduling, no?

-- MichaelStrohmann - 06 May 2004

TopicClassification: Solved
BriefDescription?: Scheduling problem with Script?
OperatingSystem: Mac OS9, Mac OSX, Win 98, Win ME, Win XP, Win 2000
LapOrDesk?: Laptop, Desktop
HostProcessor?: PowerPC? G5, PowerPC? G4, PowerPC? G3, Pentium 4, Pentium 3, Pentium 2, Athlon, Celeron, Other
ClockSpeedInMHz?: N/A
RAMInMB?: 0-127, 128-255, 256-511, 512-1023, 1024-2047, 2048+
CapyInterface?: Flame, PCI, PCMCIA
KymaVersion?: KymaX?, Kyma5
CapybaraVersion?: Capy320, CapyLS?, Capy66, Capy33
ExpansionCards?: None, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
VirtualMemory?: N/A
MonitorSize?: 12, 15, 17, 21, >23
NumberMonitors?: 1, 2, 3, >3
NumberColors?: 8 bit (256), 16 bit (thousands), 24 bit (millions), 32 bit (true color)
GraphicsCard?: N/A
OtherHardware?: N/A
OtherSoftware?: N/A

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