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To hear these examples, you will need an MP3 player plug-in or helper application.

The next few examples are Aggregate Synthesis algorithms. In Aggregate Synthesis, complex timbres are constructed using banks of simpler elements. Most people are already familiar with one form of Aggregate Synthesis: the classic "additive synthesis" in which hundreds of sine wave oscillators are combined to create complex, evolving timbres. Symbolic Sound has extended that technique to include banks of other sound generating elements such as filters, grain clouds, and synthesized impulse responses. Aggregate Synthesis algorithms can be used to resynthesize a live or recorded spectrum or to generate purely synthetic spectra.

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*Thanks to s p e c t r a l n o i s e and Sounds Good for some of the original samples on which these examples are based.

**Thanks to John Paul Jones for giving us permission to use samples from Zooma to make the ReZooma? example