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I find Softstep a very good addition to Kyma when it comes to generate a lot of midi message. Very good for algorithmic composition. It's a one of its kind soft, forget the usual cut, copy, paste, undo etc... It worths a try. You can buy or try it at http://algoart.com/softstep.htm

-- KarlMousseau - 30 Jan 2004

I use a Novation Remote25 as my main Kyma midi controller and although there are 1 or 2 weird things, and it was going crazy the other day, it's pretty awesome. Lot's of knobs, buttons, some faders, 2 octave KB with aftertouch, an xy controller and a joystick which has selectable spring loading.

-- SarthCalhoun - 17 Apr 2004

Paul Berg's AC Toolbox is a great Macintosh application to assist the algorithmic composition of music. Version 4.1 is a native OS X application that requires system 10.2 or higher and now has added support for Symbolic Sound's Capybara. All Midi data for notes, controllers, and program changes can be routed via the Flame firewire interface directly to the Capybara. This allows the use of floating-point values for pitch and controller values.

-- DavidKiers - 28 Aug 2004

http://www.rustykat.com/ has a handy little set of programs that are audio tuners running in OSX. I use one on my laptop, getting it's audio input from the built in microphone. Works very well and is very cheap. Nine USD for the lab one. Highly recommended.

-- EdmundEagan - 30 Sep 2004

Here's an interesting looking controller. http://www.jazzmutant.com/index.php . It's got some interesting logic modules. Hard to get an accurate feeling about it but does look very pretty! Make sure you watch the videos. One of them reminds me of the swarming function...

-- EdmundEagan - 14 Oct 2004

Has anyone tried the Lemur with Kyma? I played with it at the NAMM show, and I have to say it was quite mesmerizing.

-- TobiasEnhus - 30 Jan 2005

apart from having good results using Novation Remote 25 and The EOWAVE "EOBODY" analog to midi 16ch converter(with IR and flex sensors), i just found this little app "AURORA" from IXI SOFTWARE very interesting: http://www.ixi-software.net/content/software.html they should implement scales in it anyday. Check out their other cute sound apps too!

-- GaultierMachart - 05 Feb 2005

In addition to an ordinary USB MIDI Keyboard Controller (such those made by Edirol), I found a lot of fun by using the Neuron synthesizer controllers to interact with Kyma sounds I create (plenty of MIDI cross-X wheels ,stick controllers and butons!). It just necessitates editing the global map and that's it ;).

-- SylvainKEPLER - 01 Aug 2005

Ableton Live works as a great way to control Kyma. Arranging and Editing the control data within Live is easier. One advantage too, is that it enhances the sync of Kyma Sounds to an external sequencer. See the attached Live set and Kyma sounds in Share.Sounds.Midi

-- AndrewPurdy - 07 Nov 2007

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