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Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi, aka U.S.O. (Unidentified Sound Object), have bought Eobody for their performances: http://www.eowave.com/page_produit.php?prod=29

-- MatteoMilani - 21 Jul 2006

I just got myself an I-CubeX and am looking to buy some interesting sensor devices. While the I-CubeX peeps sell quite a few, theyre a bit pricey. For example a Sharp IR sensor that costs $60 dollars from them costs about €15 here in europe from Conrad!! To start with Im just after some touch and pressure sensitive sensors. If anyone knows where I can get some from here in Europe, please let me Know. Ive already checked the websites of Maplin and Conrad but they dont appear to have these type of sensors. Any comment would be nice maybe even your experiences with Kyma and ICube. Dont suppose theres some feature in Kyma that directly supports it is there. Ive heard about externals for Max that are for ICube but dont know what these would do, plus CPS know supports ICube sysex, anyone able to shed some light on the implications of this in terms of an alternative to continueous controller data?? While Im here, anyone have comments on using a Notron Latronic with Kyma ? Again, any comment, no matter how trivial you think it might be, would be cool.

-- MatthewParker? - 28 September 2003

Something else but not uninteresting: http://www.fingerworks.com/igesture.html Good review on the MAX list.

-- DavidKiers - 02 October 2003

i used piezo elektric sensors for pressure control. conrad.de sells them very cheap as "buzzers". since this piezo elements make sound when voltage is fed to them. but they also put out some elektrons when pushed. you might need a bit of an amplification of the signal. but in the end they become very sensitiv. the problem with the iCube is that they use special plugs to connect to their cv->midi blackbox. thats why i dind´t buy this system.....bla bla... anyway i still have the circuits for the little amplifier if you want to solder a bit.... here are some other links to elektronic strores: http://www.wienschall.at/



i think you should prepare the midi data coming from i-cube in max befor sending it to kyma.

-- MichaelStrohmann - 03 October 2003 01:43

Jazzmutant's Lemur is an innovative input device to control computer real-time applications. It combines a distinctive industrial design, a brilliant modular graphic interface concept, and a unique and patented touchscreen technology that can track multiple fingers simultaneously:


-- DavidKiers - 03 Nov 2005

There are some excellent Midi->CV converters mde in Australia which are very reasonably priced


also Nagelo makes the Smart Controller which is a portable hardware device that allows performers to create music using Programmable Logic Control - it is MIDI, OSC and wireless


-- GarthPaine - 15 Nov 2005

unfortunately the Lemur communicates only via OSC thru ethernet cable... which is fantastic, but not supported by Kyma/Capy...

at this point i think it's limited to MSP, reaktor, super collider..... maybe another one.

-- TaylorDeupree - 15 Nov 2005

Note that the newer version of the Lemur can output standard MIDI continuous controller values. EdmundEagan has posted a video of himself controlling Kyma with a Lemur and a Continuum fingerboard.

-- CarlaScaletti - 19 Nov 2005

Has anyone had any experience using the Bheringer B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000 with the Kyma? Is it compatible?

I received this bit of info on the BCF2000.VThe BCF2000 control surface does have a 'Baby HUI emulation mode' that is good for use with software applications such as Pro Tools or Digital Performer that support the HUI communication protocol. For Pro Tools you would also need to download a 'Legacy MIDI controllers' support file from the DigiDesign? web site, as support for 'non-Digidesign' control surfaces requires this additional 'personality file'. The BCF2000 also includes other 'emulation modes' optimized for Logic (Logic Control protocol) Cubase/Nuendo (Mackie Control protocol), or Sonar (Mackie Control protocol). However it does not include emulation of the CM MotorMix? hardware controller. with this knowledge would it be safe to assume compatibility with the Kyma system?

-- AaronCrawford - 15 Nov 2005

It would not necessarily mean that the BCF2k is compatible. But we will try to get out hands on one to test it out and let you know.

-- CarlaScaletti - 18 Nov 2005

It does basic midi cc via the midi out ports (or the USB), but it obviously can't be set up to be auto configurated in the way the motormix is. Use it like any standard midi device and either use the midi learn feature of kyma or map via VCS. there are other ways, of course, but those are generally the easiest.

-- BenPhenix - 18 Nov 2005

The main question is: what do you mean with "compatible"? Because you can program the BCF2000 (assignments of CCs or NRPNs to faders or knobs) it is as compatible e.g. as a Peavey PC-1600 Faderbox or Kenton Control Freak would be. The only enhancements are: the ability to store presets of controller values and potentially a "relative" / "increment" / "decrement" mode (I guess, these are not supported by Kyma?; therefore useless) beneath the usual "absolute" mode. So: mainly it sends MIDI data.

This can't be compared with the MotorMix. The MotorMix works bidirectional; it sends MIDI data and could be controlled by receiving certain defined MIDI data. Selecting a new preset on the Kyma would move the MotorMix motorized faders to the appropriate values; you can move the MotorMix faders with the mouse in the VCS and so on. After reading the Behringer manuals: I suppose, this is not possible with the BCF2000. The user manual says nothing about parameter feedback (except the above mentioned "relative" / "increment" / "decrement" modes) or controlling the faders or display or behaviour by MIDI data. The four emulator modes also don't provide a MotorMix-like behaviour; they only emulate the fixed assignements of the emulated hardware (and they don't emulate the MotorMix protocol), meaning e.g. on fader 4 you have the same assignments as on fader 4 of Mackie Control.

-- EckardVossas - 18 Nov 2005

Kyma sends feedback in sysex. Behringer unit will not recognize it. BCF faders recongnize the CC on wich fader transmit, i.e. if it sends CC01 on fader1, fader1 will be controlled by CC01 to match software settings (if I remember correctly).

-- KarlMousseau - 21 Nov 2005

Kyma does send sysex messages to the Motor Mix, but those are only for the LCD labels. The motorized fader positions are set when Kyma sends a standard MIDI continuous controller and value.

-- CarlaScaletti - 21 Nov 2005

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