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About a year ago I was asking the forum about a leveling set-up for multi-output/surround with the capy. After a few months of experimentation with analog units (with volume pots/headphone etc. etc.) such as the Coleman SR5.1 etc. etc. (str8 out to active monitors), I have come to use and love the Benchmark DAC-1 (A few of them) This solves the problem of no volume pot/headphones on the capy and greatly improves the sound...(plus the unit is small). Adding the DAC-1 to my Kappy has been priceless....WOW.

What other dac's are people using with the capy for live/studio use...im curious as to your results + do you find it a good investment?

-- RobertKleckner -19 December 2003

My Capybara LS is connected via spdif to a tascam DM24 digital mixer and routed to some of the 8 busses. I'm using my Alesis HD24 as DAC and of course also as recorder. The HD24 outputs are going to a tascam M-2516 analog console. I'm using 4 consumer amplifiers (technics A1000 markII) and 8 small Dynaudio Audience40 loudspeakers + 2 subwoofers which give me a pretty good picture of how everything is going to sound. For concerts I use 8 Vifa Format HiFi loudspeakers which give a very pleasant and powerful sound. Also I'm going to abandon the analog mixer and use the digital one during concerts. Although I can now draw with my mouse the position of the sound on the screen of the computer which controls the mixers faders, I hope to upgrade the capybara and do the spatialisation in the capybara itself.

-- DirkVeulemans - 03 Jan 2004

I opted for the Tascam DS-M7.1 as it has a lot of great features such as monitor calibration, mute/solo for each surround channel, stereo downmix, etc., and a lovely serial remote that doesn't get in the way. The DACs are very good but not stellar, although it has AES outs so I can use something better when my budget permits. I feed the 8 AES channels of the Capy 320 into an Alesis AI4, which converts the signal to ADAT, through an RME Digiface for the Mac and out to the Tascam DS-M7.1. Flexible, practical and reasonably affordable.

-- RandallThomas - 03 Jan 2004

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