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Connecting your Paca(rana) to a Wireless Network

There are several approaches:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your Paca(rana) to the wireless router you already use in your studio.
  2. Connect your Paca(rana) to its own wireless router (for example the Asus WL330gE Portable Wireless Access Point
  3. Contact Delora Software to inquire about their PacaConnect application which creates an ad hoc network using the built-in Airport on a Macintosh

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Can I connect an Apple Airport Extreme basestation to my Pacarana via Ethernet and use it to connect my iPad with the Pacarana?

Yes! (The Extreme is easy to set up; however, the smaller, Airport Express is quite tricky to configure and, in that configuration, can connect the Pacarana to the iPad and not to get to the Internet).

Also if anyone knows can I connect my Mac Pro to a Apple Airport Extreme basestation and connect to other wifi networks, i.e can I use it instead of buying an internal airport card?

The Extreme can connect 4 wired Ethernet devices and any number of wireless devices to the same subnet (so they can see each other), and it connects all of those devices to the Internet via a special WAN Ethernet jack on the back of the Extreme.

I don't know if the Extreme can connect to the Internet wirelessly (has anyone tried this?)

If not any suggestions for portable wireless routers for the Pacarana in the UK?

We've been successfully using the Asus WL330gE Portable Wireless Access Point

For those of you who have a Mac with built-in Airport, check with Delora Software PacaConnect product that lets you use the built-in Airport of your Macintosh as an ad hoc network for connecting your Pacarana to your iPad.


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