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kyma is staircase to sound. (scaletti in Italian is staircase)

kyma is an integral part of the curriculum

kyma is also ideal for commercial advertisements

kyma is true to the flavors of greece

kyma is

kyma is a truly stunning program

kyma is committed to elevating the performance standards of semiconductor devices by developing and producing gan substrates

kyma is very clear and fantastic

kyma is a kind of dsp system for computer music in the past

kyma is different

kyma is somewhat of a double

kyma is an open

kyma is also the only station with

kyma is supported by a variety of financial resources

kyma is a market

kyma is too difficult

kyma is being used for sound design in film

kyma is today among the leading suppliers of this kind of technology

kyma is today among the leading suppliers within this kind of technology

kyma is being used to do sound design for music

kyma is the software which drives a standalone sound computation engine

kyma is a smalltalk

kyma is working with will be used for new applications that are not being built today

kyma is close to closing on a $3 million round of funding from multiple venture capital firms

kyma is a c

kyma is the oldest and most historical one in finikounda

kyma is channel 11

kyma is groveling at you to ask you for quest info

kyma is a great success

kyma is at the harbour

kyma is being used for music

kyma is a sound specification language that does not distinguish between signal level and event level processing or between the concepts of

kyma is a greek island holiday with a difference

kyma is easy to navigate because the new sound browser displays all the sounds and patches you've saved

kyma is about as good

kyma is unique because it's software

kyma is between megalo pefko

kyma is an industrial strength powerhouse signal processor capable of executing any audio task and synthesis method imaginable

kyma is well worth a visit

kyma is almost identical to that on a fragment of architectural terracotta found re

kyma is actually the front end software

kyma is comparatively quite

kyma is across the street from two other company properties

kyma is a category b' hotel built in 1985 and renovated in 2000

kyma is amazingly spacious for a midtown restaurant

kyma is a completely configurable software synthesis environment

kyma is closed source/proprietary this is going to be a difficult feat

kyma is conducting on large area gan substrates

kyma is a very unusual individual modern villa

kyma is popular and owned by a well known local chef

kyma is expected to open around may in the old fusebox restaurant premises

kyma is due to open this spring in north buckhead

kyma is to sound what photoshop is to graphics

kyma is also managing two casino ships the m/v “texas treasure” and m/v “contessa”

kyma is an object

kyma is described in an issue of cmj devoted to object

kyma is very simple and compact compared with other my works

kyma is a visual language that runs on mac os and windows 95/98 computers and uses a multiple

kyma is a very different way of thinking

kyma is a great place for a snack and a drink

kyma is a fast and powerful sound synthesis system written in visualworks smalltalk

kyma is a digital audio composition environment

kyma is working to

kyma is well

kyma is a software synthesis language that uses sound objects

kyma is my computer system

kyma is er een tennisbaan

kyma is that the user has many options on how to

kyma is very nice

kyma is a contemporary greek seafood tavern unlike any other

kyma is a computer

kyma is a very important marketing company in silicon valley

kyma is a very

kyma is a mac based software dsp package

kyma is located at 3085 piedmont road

kyma is doing any other false litter?

kyma is that one is never completely sure of the base representation for some types

kyma is this

kyma is to all intents and purposes almost entirely devoid of conventional bar notation

kyma is one of the only full idp systems

kyma is defined and its application in data

kyma is a very cool sound creating/ processing device

-- BenPhenix - 23 Mar 2004

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