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Two-way communication between Kyma and Max using OSC

This section describes how to send OSC messages bi-directionally between Kyma and Max. For sending MIDI-over-OSC between Kyma and Max, please see Andy Capon's Max external.

To establish two way communications, EITHER Max has to tell Bonjour which port it is receiving messages on using the oscbonjour external from IRCAM. OR, you can have Max send Kyma a /osc/respond_to message.

Using /osc/respond_to

For example, Max could send the following message once:

/osc/respond_to 8000

to let Kyma know to send OSC responses and update messages to port 8000. Max would receive the following message back on port 8000:

/osc/response_from 57088

This means that Max is receiving on its port 8000. And the Pacarana is saying that it received a message from Max on port 57088. So Max is receiving on 8000 and sending on 57088.

Asking Kyma to send updates to a VCS widget to Max

Kyma will automatically send OSC updates to Max of any VCS widgets for which the Paca(rana) has received OSC messages.

To send values generated in Kyma to Max, use a SoundToGlobalController with a generated event in the form of an OSC message.

For example if the Value of the SoundToGlobalController were 0.25 and the GeneratedEvent were


then Kyma would be sending out the OSC message:

/fader/1 0.25

To establish two-communication, have Max send that OSC message with a floating point value, for example:

/fader/1 0.125

once to Kyma. Once Kyma knows which port Max is sending and receiving on (see above) and has received the fader message once, it will send changes back to Max in the future.


For diagnostics or just to see what's going on, try this sequence:


OSCfromKyma.txt: A Max 5 patch by Phil Curtis that allows Max to receive OSC messages from the Pacarana, which optionally uses oscbonjour (IRCAM object) to avoid having to hard-code the IP address in the udpsend object. Also requires OSC-route (CNMAT object). Both third-party objects can be found linked from maxobjects.com. There's a small bug in the patch that seems to require you to click twice on the large button to connect instead of just once. To use the linked Max patch, just copy the text and then select "New from Clipboard" in Max5's File window.

Here's a screenshot of Phil's Max5 patch (useful for PD and Max4 users, who won't be able to open the Max5 version):

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