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Making connections

These are general instructions for making a connection between your Paca(rana) and OSC software or devices.

To use OSC for controlling your Paca or Pacarana, first connect the source of OSC messages to your Paca(rana) using a 100baseT Ethernet cable. The source of OSC may be a hardware controller that has an Ethernet port on it (such as the Jazz Mutant Lemur) or it may be software running on your computer (which has an Ethernet port).

If you are connecting more than one OSC source to the Paca(rana), you will also need an Ethernet hub or Ethernet switch (a switch may be more efficient, but either will work).

For Software and Devices that Utilize Bonjour (zeroconf)

If your software or device uses Bonjour (zeroconf) to automatically discover potential OSC partners on the network, then all you have to do is start your application, go to its network configuration or setup page, and select the Pacarana (which will be named beslime-##, where ## is the serial number of your Pacarana) from the list of OSC devices on the network.

For Non-Bonjour (zeroconf) software & devices

If you do not see the Pacarana (beslime) automatically showing up in your software, it is probably because your software or device does not support Bonjour (zeroconf). In this case, you will need to determine the IP address of your Paca(rana) in one of the following ways:

Once you know the IP address, you can enter enter it by hand into the OSC device or application set up.

NB: The Paca(rana) port number is always 8000.

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