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Trouble-shooting the Connections

Here are some frequently asked questions and discussions of potential connection issues:

Shared subnet

So far as we know, it is necessary that all devices (for example, Lemur, Pacarana, laptop) to be on the same subnet (local network).

How can you tell if all IP address are on the same subnet? Look at the Paca(rana)'s subnet mask. To see the mask, touch below the Help menu on the Paca(rana) front panel and scroll all the way to the third page.

For the positions where you see a 255 in the mask, all IP addresses should share the same number. For example, if your front panel reads:

then the first two groups of numbers (separated by dots) in the IP addresses should be the same on all the devices that you want to have communicating with each other.

If your devices do not appear to be on the same subnet, try setting both your computer and your Lemur (or other OSC device) to:

Automatic DHCP

In theory, this should ensure that the computer, Paca(rana) and OSC device are all on the same subnet.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Applications

For now, it is necessary to have a wireless router in addition to the one built-in to your computer.

For example, on the Macintosh, you can enter Internet Sharing mode and your Mac will act as a base station, allowing wireless devices to access the internet through that Mac. However, this will not let you access the Paca(rana) from your iPod/phone/Pad. For that you still need a WiFi? 802.11 router.

Network configuration The variety of network configurations, types of Internet connections, routers, and other equipment make it impossible for Symbolic Sound to provide support on setting up a local network. We may all, however, be able to benefit from reading about each others' experiences, successes and tips. Please add your own stories below. Thank you!

Assigning a fixed IP address to the Paca(rana)

The Paca(rana) uses DHCP to get its address, so if you can configure a DHCP server, you could make that server hand out a fixed IP address whenever it sees the Paca(rana)'s Ethernet ID.

There are two ways to do this:

1. The easy way is to have an external Ethernet router on the Paca(rana)-host computer network. Most routers let you configure the internal DHCP to hand out these static addresses.

2. The more difficult way is to turn on a DHCP server within the Mac OS. This would most likely involve typing in some Unix commands in Terminal. I would guess that there are some hints on how to do this somewhere on the internet.

Your local network setups, tips, recommendations, links to other resources:

Using Automatic DHCP, I now have the two-way communication working.


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