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Could somebody advise me on this subject? I am searching for a good and affordable channel strip to put in front of my Capybara. I would need a mic pre, an eq and eventually, a compressor. I specifically don't want a device with tubes. There is indeed the SSL XLogic Channel, on which I dream, but it is way too expansive regarding the use I will make of it ...

Best Regards, Camille

Hi Camille I'm very happy with the Toft Audio ATC-2 (two channels). You have mic preamp, FET compressor and a very very good EQ. The price is about 1200 Euro. I love the sound of this preamp. Many great studios have this preamp like the "secret weapont" for percussion, it's very good in percussion sounds better than Neves or SSLs. The FET compressor is a bit aggressive, but I like it. The EQ is a dream. Analog pure '70s EQ. It's practically impossible to destroy the sound. This is not a corrective EQ, it's a "creative" EQ, to me this is the most important for an analog EQ. You can correct digitally in Kyma.

The ATC-2 is not a "transparent" preamp, the sound have a special character, like SSL, but I like it, it's very musical. For transparent preamplification I have the Speck MicPre? 5.0 and the SPL GoldMike?. The Speck preamp it's the most neutral preamp that I have heard. Very good. SPL channels are high quality, transparent and good for acoustic instruments. Remember that the best mastering console today is a SPL. Amek/Neve and SSL today are overpriced, IMO. Yes, they sound very good...


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