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Release 2 of my amazing asy-code.

Just unzip the files and put these in an appropiate directory. Initialize the Capy with the "User Microsound Classes.asy" (This will only work on a Capy 320!). Open the "AsyRelease2.kym" soundfile, to see the new soundfiles from release 2. The LUT directory contains lookup tables and waveforms needed for these sounds. Every sound from release 1 is still supported and not changed since the release. Read CAG Asy Release 1 first.

Where to start?

Run "DemoCAGRelease2" for a simple demo of the sounds of release 2. Or just run this: DemoSongRel2.mp3: it is a jump through the presets of the demo song.

Why did I make this?

Due to the overwhelming response for Release 1 (... meaning none) I decided to make a Release 2. Maybe this release will give some more new features that will be usefull for any of you. It again cost me hours and hours of reading/programming and testing.

What is in Release 2?

The following modules are included:

Module name Short description
iiHighPass_1st_order The complement of iiLowPass_1st_order; (Simple) 1st order HP filter(s)
LowPass2nd_order A second order LowPass (Direct from I) filter, with audiorate cutoff and ctrlrate Resonance
VCO2 As VCO1 but less instructions
STVCO1 As VCO2 but this oscillator can handle stereo wavetables
Twiddle1 Cosine(on Left)/Sine(on Right) or Quadrature oscillator
Twiddle2 As Twiddle1 but with Frequency and Amplitude Modulation inputs
Twiddle3 As Twiddle2 but with Amplitude feedback

I did not make many nice presets with all of the new sounds. For instance the Twiddle3 can make very different soundcolors (Hint:mix L+R outputs mono). It is up to you to find a usefull setting.

I do like response!

If you decide to download this release, I would like to get feedback! This can be negative, but I rather get positive.

Some selected feedback from users:

Release 2:

Release 1:

Known bugs/misunderstanding

None for now.

Wishlist for next releases

CAG: More VCO functionallity and MANY MORE FILTERS!

Volunteers wanted

Can someone make nice icons for my prototypes? Can someone check my english spelling?

-- ChristiaanGelauff - 28 Jan 2006

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