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This is a single harmonic resonator sound. It has been corrected of earlier problems and bugs.

This sound has been optimised for use with the Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard. Kyma users without a Continuum may find it interesting as well. I've been spending time exploring harmonic resonators, in a effort to create a plucked string simulation. Not in a literal sense, but more in a performance and nuance range sense. I'm quite happy with what has come about and of course need to do a little refinement to these sounds as well as to continue the experimentation. Tons of fun!

Note to non Continuum users. !KeyTimbre is the "Y" value of the Continuum playing surface, and as such has been mapped to quite a few parameters. You'll need to remap this to something that you can put under real time control. As well, on the Continuum !KeyVelocity outputs as a continuous stream, sort of like an aftertouch value. So, you may want to consider changing !KeyVelocity in the sound into something that is more continuous for you.

You can hear mp3s of me playing these sounds at http://www.hakenaudio.com. Go to the examples section. They are called Pluck 1 and Pluck 2. Also, listen to Three Streams for a mix of this sound with other Continuum/Kyma timbres.

Here is the Text from the annotation in the sound:

Plucked Harmonic Resonator: A harmonic resonator excited by envelope shaped spikes from hot pink noise.

• !KeyVelocity = pluck amount. phase freq. !KeyTimbre = Pluck style, filter cutoff, phase freq.

• !cfauto: On = Play sound with an envelope that mixes from a rounded to non-rounded pitch control in 300 ms Off = Balance between rounded and non-rounded is controlled by !Crossfade.

!Decay = Decay time of the resonator.

!Feedback = Amount of feedback in the parallel all pass filters.

!Phas = Frequency control for the all pass filters.

!Release = release time for the amplitude AR envelope.

!Resonate = level of a small envelope loop used to re-excite the string without replaying the note.

-- EdmundEagan - 05 Oct 2004

I've added a video demo of me playing this sound on the Continuum. It's called Pluck 1 (video) at it's in the Examples section at http://www.hakenaudio.com.

-- EdmundEagan - 04 Jan 2005

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