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vKi is a hand held wireless remote control for your Kyma sound design workstation. It runs on either the iPhone or iPod Touch and connects using your WiFi network directly to your Pacarana or Paca sound computation engine using Kyma's integrated OSC features, and requires no additional software so it is fully usable with both OSX and Windows set ups.

vKi works hand-in-hand with the Kyma VCS to provide ready, real-time access to your sound's fader, rotary, and switch parameter settings. vKi supports the VCS parameter banking scheme so you have complete access to any fader or rotary parameter. Thirty-two switches provide direct control of 32 Kyma switch and pushbutton parameters, plush they can be used as "LED" indicators. A convenient master volume fader and mute button affords ready adjustment of Kyma's overall sound level. Also featured is recall of snapshots by name, or quick snapshot browsing. All of these capabilities are access through easy, one-handed operation - perfect for tweaking with one hand while playing with the other.

vKi also offers "Learn Faders". These sixteen faders utilize the VCS's "learn" system. Great for assigning favorite parameters for quick hands-on control. Or you can incorporate them as OSC "hot events" directly into your Kyma creations.

vKi lite, available at no cost, is much more than a demo or trial version. It offers four faders and four "fader/rotaries" that can be used to control up to eight Kyma sound settings. This make vKi lite useful for many sounds in your library; a perfect way to experience vKi!

Whether its at your studio desk, sitting back in the listening sweetspot, tweaking at a keyboard or other controller elsewhere in the studio, or performing on stage, wireless Kyma control is a liberating experience.

For more information visit delora.com. To purchase vKi visit vKi on the iTunes App Store.

-- Doug Kraul, Harmony Systems, Inc., makers of Delora Software's vKi and vKi lite and numerous other Kyma related products -18 Nov 2010


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