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vKiP 2.0 improves on Delora Software's popular iPad Kyma control surface app. vKiP uses the Apple iPad as a multi-touch control surface for your Kyma sound creations, and is fully compatible with Kyma's built-in VCS support. vKiP's full-featured Kyma control surface includes all buttons, LEDs, faders, and rotaries on a single screen for convenient, ready multi-touch access. A large, readable "LCD" message area displays labels, setting values, and snapshot names. A full implementation of the VCS banking standard affords access to as many fader and rotaries as Kyma allows. If used with Delora Software's KymaConnect application you can remotely start, stop, and pause Kyma's DSP operation.

Two graphical "themes" (skins) are included so that you can choose the graphics best suited to your taste. vKiP's user interface graphics take advantage of the new (March 2012) iPad's double resolution Retina display to a deliver rich and detailed screen. vKiP works in any orientation, landscape or portrait, so you can choose whichever is most comfortable. You can change orientations at any time by simply rotating the iPad.

vKiP 2.0 offers three different connection options OSC, USB MIDI, and network MIDI. Easy to use connection screens show currently available OSC and MIDI "hosts". Multiple OSC and network MIDI hosts are fully supported. Connections can be changed at any time.

OSC connections using the iPad's built-in Wi-Fi can be made directly to a Paca or Pacarana connected to the same network. OSC connections are also possible through Delora Software's KymaConnect "PacaProxy" application to Pacas and Pacaranas directly connected to a Mac's Ethernet port (or another local sub-network). When used in conjunction with KymaConnect's "CapyLink" feature, or with Delora Software's free CapyLink OSX application, Capybara owners can enjoy full wireless VCS control from their iPad.

USB MIDI expands connection options to included wired connections between the iPad and a Paca, Pacarana, or Capybara over standard MIDI cables. This option provides a way for Capybara owners who exclusively use Windows to enjoy the benefits of iPad multi-touch VCS control. USB MIDI offers increased reliability and robustness on stage or in the studio when flawless operation is critical. USB MIDI requires a compatible iPad USB MIDI interface.

Network MIDI uses Apple's iOS and OSX native network MIDI standard to establish wireless MIDI connections between the iPad and Macs, Windows PCs (running rtpMIDI) and other devices. This option offers the freedom of wireless operation plus compatibility with Capybara-based Kyma set ups.

vKiP is perfectly at home on your studio desk but its wireless connectivity opens new vistas for Kyma interaction. Use it while sitting back in your listening sweetspot, or carry it over to your keyboard or other performance controller to provide ready hands-on tweaking while you play. Live performers will appreciate the flexibility vKiP offers on stage.

For additional information please visit delora.com. To purchase vKiP visit vKiP on the iTunes App Store.

-- Doug Kraul, Harmony Systems, Inc., makers of Delora Software's vKiP and numerous other Kyma related products -1 May 2012


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