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Future Music, July 2009 "Symbolic Sound Kyma/Pacarana"

You don't just get total control over audio, you get a brain-expanding education in how to think about sound.

Audio Media, May 2009 "Symbolic Sound Kyma Pacarana" by Richard Wentk

Kyma specialises in exactly the kinds of sounds that designers live to work on--exotic, strange, unusual, and creative. The morphing possibilities alone are worth the asking price.

Strumentii Musicali, January 2006 "LINGUAGGI DI PROGRAMMAZIONE PER LA COMPUTER MUSIC: Dalle origini a Csound e Max/MSP TEST: Symbolic Sound Kyma X" by Matteo Milani

Electronic Musician October 2004 "Symbolic Sound Kyma X (Mac/Win): A super system takes it up a notch" by Dennis Miller

Kyma remains the most mature, robust, and powerful sound-design workstation anywhere. For its price—about the same as a fully loaded hardware sampler—it's an unbelievable deal.

Future Music Magazine June 2004 (PDF) "SSC Kyma" by Scot Solida

This hardware-meets-software audio construction kit is, quite simply, the Holy Grail of sound design.

Studio Post Pro April 2002 "Elektronisches Sounddesign" by Mathis Nitschke

Electronic Musician May 2001 Kyma.5 Review by Dennis Miller

When you have a product that EM editors already billed as “the most powerful sound-design workstation on the planet,” what do you do for an encore? Symbolic Sound, maker of the Kyma System, faced that challenge. With the recent release of Kyma 5.11, Symbolic Sound found a way to make the system more powerful, easier to use, and less expensive.

About This Particular Macintosh September 2000 Review: "Kyma 5.0" by David Ozab

Kyma 5.0 is an exceptional piece of software… With each version, the people at Symbolic Sound have made the impressive power of the Capybara easier to use. Kyma 5.0 is not an incremental improvement in this area… it is a genuine breakthrough… Kudos to Symbolic Sound. You have truly outdone yourselves. ATPM Rating = EXCELLENT

Keyboard Magazine July 1998: "Keyboard Reports–Symbolic Sound Kyma" by Joel Chadabe

...the most powerful and flexible sound design and performance environment on the market today.

Electronic Musician January 1998: "Symbolic Sound Kyma 4.5—The world's finest sound-design tool" by Dennis Miller

It's not often that a single product totally dominates its class, but in the case of the Kyma sound-design workstation from Symbolic Sound Corporation, nothing else even comes close.

Radio World August 1997: "Kyma: The Ultimate Processor" by Dennis Miller

Kyma is one of the most powerful systems with which I have worked, and continues to amaze me as I discover new features and options.

KEYS January 1997: "Modularer Cyberspace: Portrat Symbolic Sound Kyma 4.1" by Thomas Alker

Audio Media June 1996: "Kyma Sound Design Workstation" by Mike Steer

A synthesizer, sampler, digital sound processor, digital recorder/controller, sound analysis tool, and a re-synthesizer all in one box? Kyma, from Symbolic Sound, can be any or all of these.

Electronic Musician July 1995: "Symbolic Sound Kyma System 4.0: A synthesis workstation with unlimited sound potential" by Dennis Miller

A few minutes with a Kyma system, and you'll be certain that the future has arrived.

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