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Sound and Video Clips

Sound and Video Examples of Sample Cloud, Psi, Spectra & GA Resynthesis & Morphing

Kyma X.82 adds three types of morphing (Morph1d, Morph2dKeymapped, and Morph3d) to three synthesis algorithms (Psi, SampleCloud, and GA) and a Spectrum source (used in conjunction with the OscillatorBank, FilterBank, CloudBank, and FilterBank) to give 21 new ways to synthesize, resynthesize, and morph.

All sounds in these examples are synthetic, not samples, and are performed live without subsequent editing or post-processing.

To see the QuickTime videos in the correct aspect ratio, please use the Chrome or FireFox browser.

Vimeo Channel & Soundcloud Group


Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS) Videos

iPad Videos

Pacarana Videos

Slip-Stick Synthesis


Audio Morphing

Visit Bantu Sound to hear morphing in radio advertisements created by Pete Johnston when he was at The Tape Gallery.

Open Sound Control software and hardware

Controllers: Continuum, Wacom tablet, Wii, and others

Live looping

Granular Synthesis



Effects Processing

Spectral Processing

Aggregate Synthesis

In Aggregate Synthesis, complex timbres are constructed using banks of simpler elements. Most people are already familiar with one form of Aggregate Synthesis: the classic "additive synthesis" in which hundreds of sine wave oscillators are combined to create complex, evolving timbres. Symbolic Sound has extended that technique to include banks of other sound generating elements such as filters, grain clouds, and synthesized impulse responses. Aggregate Synthesis algorithms can be used to resynthesize a live or recorded spectrum or to generate purely synthetic spectra.

Want to hear more? Click here to request a free audio demo CD.

Visit Twelfthroot for two albums created entirely in Kyma: Distance Blue and Recombinant 01.

Discography of commercially available recordings where you can hear Kyma

*Thanks to s p e c t r a l n o i s e and Sounds Good for some of the original samples on which these examples are based.

**Thanks to John Paul Jones for giving us permission to use samples from Zooma to make the ReZooma example.