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...Hollywood's favorite sound-design tool gets faster (meaning more suitable to real time processing), more compact and (just a bit) cheaper. forewarned, you might get hooked!

No matter how you cut it, Kyma is still the most powerful sound-design workstation on the planet!

Kyma is the most versatile sound module on the market. Kyma can also process external audio in real time, and you can use that same audio to control the parameters of a sound. We can't think of another system that allows you so much freedom!

The "Order of the Tesla Coil/Mad Scientist" award goes to the KYMA synthesis system from Symbolic Sound. Imagine Digidesign's Turbosynth falling into the hands of a race of super-intelligent alien beings, and you'll get some idea of what this system is all about.

-- Craig Anderton, Pro Sound News, December, 1996