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Symbolic Sound Develops New Sound Synthesis Algorithm

Tau sound synthesis and processing for time/frequency warping and multi-way morphing in Kyma X.3

CHAMPAIGN, IL—February 14, 2006—Symbolic Sound Corporation has developed a new technique for morphing, warping, and synthesizing sound in the Kyma sound design environment. The Tau and its accompanying graphic editor provide tools for creating natural sounding multi-way audio morphs, insane transmogrifications, and mysterious synthesized effects. Listen to some examples here.

The Tau Editor


Sound designers can use the new Tau Editor to push, pull, and tweak the timing, amplitude, frequency, and formant envelopes of one or more sounds while listening to the results in real time. Mix, morph, or cross-synthesize sounds with the touch of a button. Use the mouse or a Wacom tablet pen to graphically warp any parameter of the sound.

Press the Record button to capture your real time transformations on disk for later editing.

Or press the Galleries button to instantly create an entire sound library of Kyma patches based on the sounds in the editor—ideal for quickly exploring the world of possibilities inherent in each combination of files or for creating multi-way keymapped morphs for your MIDI keyboard, Wacom tablet, or Continuum fingerboard.


List of features

In the Tau Editor you can:

Symbolic Sound's Kyma sound design software is known for its sound morphing capabilities (listen for example to these sonic morphs in radio advertisements created by Pete Johnston for The Tape Gallery). Now Kyma users have even more options and tools to assist them in as they go out in search of the perfect audio morph.

First impressions

What do Kyma users think of the new Tau? Here are some reactions from beta testers:

It really brings a whole new Sonic world to Kyma—complex enough for incredible sound sculpture, yet easy to use.

F'ing awesome, that - I had something worth recording within about 15 minutes of installing the update...

The Fantasy Gallery is a really cool idea. Inspiration pure!

The TAU editor is a GREAT source of new sounds!

TAU is an amazing tool with fascinating possibilities.

The possibilities of the new Sound are incredible...

Just when I thought my life had stabilized :-) This is awesome!

I love the fact that [the Tau editor] offers so much, not only in terms of sound manipulation but also in learning about sound in general.

Multiple undos are great!

Most companies would market [the Tau] as a completely new program. It's at times like these when one is reminded just what a bargain Kyma is!!!

Pricing & availability

The Tau is included in Kyma X.3™, the latest update to the world’s most advanced sound design environment. Kyma X.3 is now available free as a Valentine to registered Kyma X owners.

Kyma X.3 runs under Macintosh OS X (on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs), Windows XP, and Windows 98/ME/2000 and Macintosh OS 9.2.


In 1990, Symbolic Sound revolutionized the sound design and music software industry with the introduction of Kyma™, a graphical modular software sound design environment accelerated by the software-reconfigurable Capybara™ multi-processor sound computation engine. Symbolic Sound is committed to bringing the most advanced and flexible sound design technology to sound designers, musicians, educators, researchers, and creative professionals through its innovative hardware and software offerings.

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Carla Scaletti
Symbolic Sound Corporation

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