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Kyma Sound Design Software Version X.47 Released

Extensive Support for Multichannel Sound Synthesis and Processing

CHAMPAIGN, IL— October 10, 2007 —With the release of Kyma X.47, Symbolic Sound enhances the already extensive support for multichannel sound synthesis and processing in its award-winning Kyma™ sound design environment. Using a compact graphical representation, sound designers can quickly and easily create multichannel music and special effects with independent processing on each channel.

Available as a free update to registered Kyma X users, Kyma X.47 features a host of new multichannel processing and synthesis modules including Surroundifier, SplitSurround, MultichannelPan, PseudoStereo, MidSideEncoderDecoder, MonoToMultichannel, MultichannelMixer, and others that can be recorded to disk in split-surround format, combined with the hundreds of existing Kyma synthesis and processing modules, or dropped into the Kyma Timeline to create multichannel mixes and sequences. Also included in this release are over 150 new multichannel patches for the Kyma Sound Library.


Symbolic Sound's Kyma sound design software is known for its virtually limitless sound combination and transformation capabilities and is favored by sound designers for film, music, game development, and advertising.

Pricing & availability

Kyma X™.47, the latest update to the world’s most advanced sound design environment is now available free to registered Kyma X owners. Kyma X.47 runs under Macintosh OS X (on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs), Windows XP, and Windows 98/ME/2000 and Macintosh OS 9.2.


Kyma X.47 enhances the already extensive multichannel synthesis and processing capabilities of the Kyma sound design environment.


In 1990, Symbolic Sound revolutionized the sound design and music software industry with the introduction of Kyma™, a graphical modular software sound design environment accelerated by the software-reconfigurable Capybara™ multi-processor sound computation engine. Symbolic Sound is committed to bringing the most advanced and flexible sound design technology to sound designers, musicians, educators, researchers, and creative professionals through its innovative hardware and software offerings.

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Carla Scaletti
Symbolic Sound Corporation

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