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Visit the Orange Hut
Website: 08 Apr 2007
By: KarlRichard


Karl Richard and The Orange Hut Studio announce the launch of their new website. To quote the Orange Hut team, "We proud parents are happy to say that the Beta crawl has (at last) turned into the fully-fledged hip-swinging stride of a sexually charged hedonistic adolescent. So play with its knobs, press its buttons, and leave the seeds of your ideas here to grow in its fertile folds... And kindly do let us know of any errors, insights, views you may have had while treading it's shimmering silicon shores."

Discussion (Descriptions, reviews, discussion):

Orange Hut continues: "To get involved in making this site work for you, please write to us! For example, if there is a particular band, group or artist you'd like see play at Electrophonetik Works, then just simply mail us via the "contact us" page and voice your musical (or carnal) desires to our pricked ears. We're here to listen to what you have to say, to realize your views, and to help you see who and what you want when you want it... Nothing is too obscure or deviant for us to consider, just so long as it is good music... We're here to expand your horizons, break the back of commercial sensibility and offer a tonic to the main stream music of today. If we challenge your notions of what music is, how it can be performed and who or what performs it, then we feel as though we have accomplished what we set out to do..."

(N.B. This website works best with FireFox.)

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