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The AudioFire2 is a two channel audio interface that comes with a control panel application for configuration. The interface can be used with the Paca(rana) if the version 4.8 control panel and drivers have been installed on the host computer. (All of the instructions presented here apply to the AudioFire4 as well.)

With the Paca(rana) either turned off or disconnected from FireWire, do the following:

  1. Download the appropriate control panel and driver software (version 4.8 for Mac OS or version 4.8 for Windows) and install it on your computer.
  2. Run the control panel application to ensure that you have version 4.8 firmware installed: select the Settings tab, click the About button and verify that the Console and ARM firmware versions are 4.8. If they are not both version 4.8, click on the Flash update button at the bottom. If you update the firmware, quit the control panel application, then disconnect and reconnect the AudioFire2 FireWire cable to power cycle the interface.

Now that the AudioFire2 has the version 4.8 firmware installed, you can use it with the Paca(rana). While Kyma is running, the AudioFire2 control panel application can be used to control the built-in mixer and to select either internal or SPDIF clock source. If you would like to change the sample rate, do that from within Kyma; do not use the control panel.

DONE Make sure that the AudioFire2 is not selected as the computer's audio interface when using the AudioFire2 as the Paca(rana) audio interface. (Refer to the AudioFire2 user guide for instructions on how to select the AudioFire2 as the computer's interface — the AudioFire2 will not be automatically selected.) If the AudioFire2 is selected as both the Paca(rana)'s and the computer's audio interface simultaneously, the Paca(rana) may crash.

IDEA! When the Paca(rana) is turned on and the the AudioFire2 is selected as its audio interface, the Paca(rana) will take over the AudioFire2 and prevent audio from being transferred between the AudioFire2 and the computer. When the Paca(rana) is turned off (or disconnected from your computer), the AudioFire2 can be used as the audio interface for your computer (if selected in the appropriate control panel).

-- KurtHebel - 28 Mar 2012

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