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The Ensemble is an 18 channel audio interface with a built-in mixer that comes with a Macintosh-only control panel (Maestro) for configuration. The Ensemble interface can be used with the Paca(rana) whether or not the Maestro control panel software has been installed.

Using the Ensemble on Windows or on a Macintosh without Maestro

ALERT! When used without the Maestro software, the Ensemble is configured with phantom power off. The Maestro control panel is required for controlling phantom power and for selecting input and output clipping levels.

To control the input level, repeatedly press the input level knob until the indicator light for the desired input is lit. Then, rotate the level adjustment knob.

Similarly, to control the output level, repeatedly press the output level knob until the indicator light for the desired output turns on. Then, rotate the level adjustment knob. You can mute an output by pressing and holding the output level knob until the selected output indicator begins flashing.

Using the Maestro Control Panel Software

Complete installation and usage instructions for the Maestro control panel software can be found in the User's Guide provided with the Ensemble. Please follow the instructions there for installing the software and updating the Ensemble firmware. Once the Maestro software is installed, you can use it to configure the Ensemble's inputs, outputs, internal mixer, phantom power sources, and maximum sample rate.

ALERT! Before changing the input/output channel count with the Maestro control panel, be sure to first choose Halt from the Control drop down menu in the DSP Status window.

IDEA! When the Paca(rana) is turned off (or disconnected from your Macintosh), the Ensemble can be used as the audio interface for your Macintosh. When the Paca(rana) is turned on and the Ensemble is selected as its audio interface, the Paca(rana) will take over the Ensemble and prevent audio from being transferred between the Ensemble and the Macintosh.

We recommend that when using the Ensemble with the Paca(rana) that you select a different audio device as the Macintosh audio interface (if you do not do this the audio output from Kyma could be interrupted or intermittent when the Macintosh would output audio). Please make sure that no sound from the Macintosh is being routed to the Ensemble, including OS alerts.

-- KurtHebel - 06 Mar 2011

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