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Symbolic Sound

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Welcome to the 'Make-It-So'
An experiment to create an alternative method of navigating techniques, sounds & their discussions!

This is a user driven launchpad of intrigue: An informal depository of ideas, nuggets of gold, tips for success, avenues of exploration, and perhaps even moments of humour.

If you find something technically inaccurate,- (Shock!) - or you have an alternative solution, feel free to edit, educate, inform, and entertain us.

The MakeItSo needs you! Tweaky editing is now mandatory (lol), I am sure you have a tip/technique/sound/idea to share about your experience with new users. PleaseAndThanks

Make it so:

1. Beautiful:

Eventide emulation discussion Pitch Shifted Reverbs!

2. Nasty:



3. Insane
'Lysergic' I think it is called in the Tau galleries
I like the Voice X randomPulseTrain - (CrossFilter? Sounds July 05)
4. Funky
Bass Guitar > LPF (Modulated by Enveloped amplitude following)
5. Wobbly
TheWobble - found in the samples section of the share - The discussion that got it there.
A discussion of the awesome bar|none didge machine.
6. Dreamy

Anagram of 'Symbolic Sound' :

Only Music Bods

Anagrams of 'Symbolic Sound Kyma' :

Sky Cubism, Mono Lady

Old Yummy Sonic Bask

Anagrams of 'Carla Scaletti' :

Astral Calcite

Tactical Laser

7. Freaky

Open up a Tau, drag in recording of human or animal vocalisation, then drag in another mechanical, electronic and or rhythmic source preferably with a few transients, save it, rummage though the galleries. Try the morph patches, slow the rate right down, experiments with different mixes of the amplitude, time, and frequency morphs. -- CharlieNorton - 15 Nov 2010

* MadNoiseKymaTau.mp3: You get the idea. Sorry if it distorts at the end. The sound is based on a gallery sound created in manner described above. This particular sound whilst I forgot to add some stereo elements is quite fun.

It is a live recording with most of the movement generated from the VCS Faders and rotarys. I can hear the chopper, combfilter and a ampfollow modulated reverb, however can't actually find the original sound at this moment :-) It is so easy to add !KeyPitch to the frequency tab and instantly 'robotize' (VP9000 revelers will know all about that) the whole sound. (You can impose keyboard/midi melodic elements upon your insanity) I have played this audio to a few people along the way, and so far no one has been able to tell what two words are encoded in the TAU, the only clue I will give you is that it is from an answerphone message. I personally think the words are completely audible. -- CharlieNorton - 16 Dec 2010

8. Mono

9. Stereo
Here's how you can convert a filter (or any other monophonic processing module) to one that processes the left and right channels of the input independently:

1. Start with the "Process Stereo" Input module from the Prototypes 2. Replace its default input (a GraphicEQ?) with your Filter 3. Option+Drag your stereo input into the SharedSounds? field of the "Process Stereo Input" (optionally deleting the default input that is already in the SharedSounds?).

This works for any of the mono processing modules.

In a slight variation of the above example, suppose you have a strictly monophonic processing chain (mono input and mono processing) and you'd like to have independent controls over the left and right channels of the output? To do that, simply drag the "Stereoizer" Prototype and drop it on the line to the right of the last module in your chain, and option+drag the input into the SharedSounds? field of Stereoizer.

Similarly, the "MonoToMultiChannel" can take a mono processing chain and replicate it in up to 8 output channels with 8 sets of independent controls. (thanks Carla!)

stereoizer discussion
10. Surround
Mono to Quad Joystick Panner
11. Unpredictable
Randomise VCS Presets Via Midi
12. Robotic
The monotoinzer (prototypes)
FFT & Spectral Smearing
Vocoding Artifacts Discussion of Epic Proportion:s Well, its not all about vocoding.
13. Natural


Cross Filter your source with a recording of nature.
14. Human

Open up a sound browser, apple + f (search dialogue) 'vowel' - browse patches, apple + G to move to next search result

Creating hybrid sounds using Exciter & Resonator is a must for every comrade of the Symbolic Revolution. CrossSynthesis
15. Smaller
You can control the amplitude of your signal at just about every point along the way.
16. Kwerkier
Pete's Kwerk Machine Forum Discussion ShareTheKwerk
17. Huge
Charlie to put RepliGator discussion here.
18. Cyclic
19. Analogue
Anti-Aliased - One of the significant artefacts of digital synthesis is Aliasing. - Inharmonic & Unwanted artifacts imposed upon your signal created by trying to encode frequencies beyond your sample resolution.
As described in the discussion above, Pete's solution: The Surbiton Technique, Pete rather ingeniously devised a method of band-limiting the oscillators in real time, taking into account the sample rate you are currently working at! You can find examples by using apple + F >*'urbi'*, use apple + G to move on to the next search result.
To achieve a warmer lush soaring oscillator setup, program very small random fluctuations in frequency, amplitude and other obvious parameters. See 'unpredictable'
20. Resonant
VCF, Resonator, Delay>Combfilter, and the memory writer
21. Detuned
A discussion involving: detuned replication, live-re-synthesis detuning, other applications of the replicator and some of the patches involved
22. Controlled
Compression and Limiting The limiter & compressor prototypes to start, however, 'Compressor Stereo w/Spread Ctrl & Bypass' is useful.

For more fun, 'Punchy Waveshaper' add some VCS or expressions for the Attack & Release in the peak detector.

Swap out the wavetable for different curves!

Or listen to someone who knows what they are talking about : Compression

23. Modern
Search SampleAccelerator in the prototypes
24. Spectrally Deviant
Discussion of FFT: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Emulation & Evolution of the Buchla 296e
Band Specific
25. Ambient

26. Efficient
You can assign midi CCs by 'learning'. You can do this on the vcs by control or right clicking a fader/knob/button and choosing learn.

It is also possible to to do the same directly into the parameter window by pressing the escape key. If you do this and play a triad/chord, it will select !NoteVelocity .

Read more on p227 of KXR

A discussion about quick location of prototypes
Creating your own single module prototype from a collection of prototypes complete with customisable parameter fields, icon etc, akin to sub patchers in MaxMSP?, macros in Reaktor. Check out the tutorial.
Re-Size VCS Window Easily
27. Retrospective
When sequencing & processing electronic synthesised and sampled rhythms, reducing the bit-depth to 12bit or 14bit and sample rate to 22kHz or 32kHz immediately provides a step towards classic sampler or drummachine sound. This is easily achieved with DownSampling.
28. Longer
There is a wide array of tools available to lengthen the period over-which your encoded audio is played. TimeAlignmentUtility? is one.
29. Fantastic
TheHoldenHarmoniser? is an amazing piece of work. Create a TAU, find in the Galleries.
30. Cher
The Cher Effect
SOS article on the topic
31. Spooky
Make my Voice monster-like

32. Visually Animated
Ways to animate a fader in response to a sounds output
Discussion of the Buchla 296e and Kephs interpretations Got to be tried!

33. Sunk
Oscillator Sync in Kyma
34. Choral
Pete's AutoChord Harmonytastic-machine
Fantastic choral pads,washes, and ambiences can be created with combinations of wavetable synthesis (set the tone with some vocalisations), the modal filter (carve the formants) and granular processing (build up the congregation) Yes, I must create a sound illuminating the wonder. -- CharlieNorton - 16 Dec 2010
35. Interpolate
Fractional Delay
36. Impossible
The question with no conceivable solution A Fascinating read! The theory and implications of having a go at removing reverberant material from a signal. The Anti-Convolution.
37. Faster

Here's a list of parameter fields where you can paste a Sound and remove the 'L' to have it run at the full audio sample rate: Oscillator: Envelope ModalFilter?: Envelope Level: Left, Right TriggeredSampleAndHold?: Trigger VCF : Amplitude, Resonance

Remove 'L' if you want it to be read at sample rate.

38. Predefined
Event Value Ranges

39. Sharp Like A Razor

Discussion on forum regarding emulation of NI Razor Synthesiser

40. Fibonacci

Discussion on forum regarding Fibonacci, there is a nice bit of capytalk

41. Unique

Congratulations, as a kyma owner/user you are a member of an elite group of individuals who share the great privilege of wielding one of the most powerful sonic weapons in the universe. With great power comes even greater responsibility. Enough of that, get back to browsing.....

Still not found what you are looking for? Try searching the Private forums one at a time, use the back button on the browser to preserve search contents to speed things up!

Obviously you will need to be a authenticated registered user to do so. (It will ask for your forum Login)

Ok Charlie, this is all very well, but I am new to all this, I am trying to get results, but the list is too full of mayhem and my MyBrainHurts. << Click here.

Dont't forget to contribute. :-)

-- CharlieNorton - 30 Nov 2012

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