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To contribute a file, attach the file and add a short description to the link that is automatically created.

Attach the file:

  1. Go to the appropriate Topic page (e.g., Sounds, Microsounds, Tools, etc.). You can use your web browser's Back button to return to the previous page.
  2. Click Attach (at top of the Topic page window).
  3. Browse to find the file on your local disk.
  4. Check the Link box to create a link to the attached file.
  5. Check the Hide File box to keep the page looking nice.
  6. Upload the file.

At this point, you'll see a link to that file as the last entry in the list of links.

Notate the link and add a discussion link:

  1. Click Edit to modify the page.
  2. Move your new link to the top of the appropriate category on the page.
  3. Look at the format of the other links and follow that format in your own.
  4. Next to your new link, add a short description of the file and your name in the format "-- FirstLastname? - date month year" (you can copy and past your name and the date from the bottom of the page)
  5. End the comment with a period.
  6. Create a discussion link called 'Discuss' followed by the name of your file. Enclose that whole thing within two sets of square brackets
  7. Save the new page.
  8. Click the question mark next to the discussion page link.
  9. On the discussion page, you can provide a more detailed explanation of your file, and other members of the collective can discuss the contribution, ask questions, or contribute variations. Referencing the work of other members is encouraged! To create a link to another member's home page, use their WIKI name preceded by the word User and a dot (the User section is where all the home pages are located).

To remove an uploaded file

To download files from the web site.

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