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For example, click on the Connect link below to see a list of upcoming events where you can hear Kyma being used.

kyma•tweaky Site Map Use to...
Connect Find out when where and how you can hear Kyma live! ...announce upcoming events such as concerts, films, webcasts, installations, workshops, CD/DVD releases, lectures, user meetings, papers, etc.
Share Share Kyma Sounds, Tools, Microsounds, Timelines ...collaborate on sound design and create extensions to Kyma
Learn Tutorials, essays, Q&A, links, experience and advice on learning Kyma ...share your knowledge of Kyma, sound, hearing, audio, music, sound design and otherwise appease your intellectual curiosity
User Welcome to kyma•tweaky - Meet the members of the collective. ...create your personal page with links to your other contributions.
TWiki TWiki history & Wiki style; documentation... ...discover what a TWiki is, how to edit text, how to upload files, etc.
Community News, information, interaction ...access the collective expertise of the Kyma community
Company Symbolic Sound Corporation ...hear the latest news, make contact, read press releases from Symbolic Sound Corporation
Kyma Everything you ever wanted to know about the Kyma sound design workstation ...provide an overview of Kyma and the Capybara
Order Request additional information or place an order ...request additional information or place an order
Products Information on Kyma, the Capybara, expansion modules, and accessories ...learn more about Symbolic Sound's innovative software and hardware products

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