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pUckerED pRIsM fiBRe buILt poDS of synAPTic miRAgE diLATioN
Live performance: 11 Mar 2005 -- 22:00
Presented by: AdamSobel
Public: Free
LA REFUGIO 35-15 36th Avenue Queens
New York -- USA

a VERRRY free gathering of psychoactive music, dance, and telepathic orgasm branches. With: YOU, people who love YOU, and some very special elastic guests!

IanMetcalfe and AdamSobel will be performing a Kyma driven live set and there will be two other performers, one from Japan, and one from Denmark

Discussion (Eyewitness reports, descriptions, discussion):

Disolve into the fabric of a collective flake, accumalating the intricate petals of multidimensional pollination. Certified orgasmic. The collective mental flower blooms, releasing turquoise blendeing memory reson, spattering outwards into the unfloding oragomi crumple of time. Space-time implodes on itself as all beings in existence (and also not in existence) harmonise at their biological resonace. Massive latency blossoms and jet-velocity conciusness smearing impact before they even occur, leaving behind in the future cavities of spectral, vibratory paradises, to thrive in. Snacky platelets accumulate from our biological energy resynthesis like vapor rising from a puddle of data juice. Prepare your mystical frog entities to jump through quantum portals, this salvia is going to be extra multiplied.

Starts at 10:00 pm Friday march 11th- never ends.

The spot is called LA REFUGIO and is located in physical space at 35-15 36th AVENUE


by subteranian way ( crazy underground neural network)

from Manhatten take the Queensbound N or W train to 36th AVENUE. Walk West on 36th AVENUE 4 or 5 blocks to 35-15 36th Ave. Now you are there and develop sonic tentacles as you sail between reversing shatted dimensional planes.

OR from Manhatten take the Queensbound R, G, or V train to 36th STREET. wlak, that's right wlak, up either 35th STREET or 26th STREET to 36th AVENUE. Yes, now you see reflections of your most ancient, single celled ancestors and bandsplitting projections of future, evolutionary, cyrstal generated slime cluster organisms growing in the fertile cracks between organic, cultivated data droplets.

by auto mechanazoid

from Manhatten, take the queensboro bridge (59th st on the east side) to Queens. Stay to the left off the bridge and follow signs to Northern blvd. Take Northern blvd. to 36th st. and make a left. Drive to 36th AVENUE. The spectral turbulance sets in asyour physical body regenerates into billions of self similar, interwoven multiverses, pulsating with cosmic energy and busting apart with tones of intergalactic celebration. And, the particulate vortex of your spasming cosmos reformulates at 35-15 36th AVENUE.

From central or southern New smelly Jersey, just take the turnpike North to exit 11. Get on the parkway North to 14c (holland tunnel). Go through the holland tunnel into the mechanical sponge that is Manhatten. Drive to 59th st. and 3rd avenue and follow the directions above to implode with thermodynamic intracisy and telepathic pod hatchery.

If you like to go outside sometimes at the party, try not to hang out right outside the venue, as to not attract any attention from the police. We do not want to give the authorities any reason to want to come in and start messing with people.

Can't wait to see you there, we love you.

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